Words been going around that Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are getting pretty annoyed of their fans being so obsessive. They probably still love us but they probably just want to bash every single one that gets stalkerish and obsessive.

Now I’m all for fanfiction, fan art, and blogging…

Morning Conversation.


Title: Morning Conversation

Author: giniusandtonic

Word Count: 1457

Characters: Yourself (female), Benedict Cumberbatch

Warnings: None

Author’s Notes: Based on mattsmiths-booty prompt where yourself and Benedict receive some surprising news [x]

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If Tumblr controlled schools
  • Religion: Kids, This is Tom Hiddleston. He is our god.
  • English: Today, you need to write a 5 paragraph fanfic of your OTP. It needs to be size 12 font and not in Comic Sans. Remember, your 2 page paper on why you shouldn't skip Nine is due next week.
  • History: ...And that's why Benedict Cumberbatch is on the 4 dollar bill.
  • Science: Your homework is to watch 1 Episode of Doctor Who and identify 2 aliens and their home planets.
  • Drivers Ed: So we avoid the pedestrians unless they are Cole Sprouse.
  • Math: Now, can someone tell how Sherlock survived the fall from that height?


If anything, you can NEVER accuse Benedict Cumberbatch of lacking in diversity ;) 

Reblog if you’re a Star Trek fan (any and all series and movies) and you’re female.




I want to see how many of us there are :)

The results should not surprise anyone.



Metacrisis AU: (Billie Piper as the (metacrisis) Doctor) — Living life day to day isn’t exactly easy for the metacrisis Doctor. Having John makes it better though.

Requested by echoesofoswin.

Because I am not the type of
person someone falls in love with.

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They took this picture from the wrong side.

Nick baby I love you! Where have you been all my life????

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  • Reasons to marry me: We'd eat pizza and listen to good music together and we'd probably fuck 14 times a week and buy too many pets and build pillow forts.



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Hey you guys im soooooo sorry i havent poeted in like literlly forever.  i have had alot of stuff going on and crap the i have had to deal with still dealing with but you probley dont want to hear my sob story sooo here i present chapter 8 i hope you enjoy…….





Everyone woke up to say goodbye to Alexx. They were all standing there in their pajamas at seven in the morning, except for me. I was fully dressed in my usual attire; shorts and a tank top. But today I had a hoodie on over that.

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